In this competitive environment of electronic world, Cognition provides a wide variety of Prepress commonly known as printing and publishing. Our company also provides electronic content services to be used in global publishing market. Cognition’s capability extends across various lines of publishing verticals. Cognition offers high range of end-to-end publishing services for:

  • STM/HSS books and journals
  • College textbooks Publishing services menu for our book also includes
  • Development Editing
  • Design
  • Rights & Permissions
  • Copyediting & Indexing
  • Proofreading
  • Project Management
  • Typesetting
  • XML & Conversion
  • Illustrations & Artwork
  • eBooks
  • Digital Services

Development Editing

Cognition provides a wide variety of editing for both digital and printed materials. Service offered by us will be rich in quality and quantity so that it can be used for Higher Ed levels. We have Talented and quality rich team who are accomplished writers and experts in all discipline. These teams are guided by experts who are expertised in this profession. So we assure that the product delivered will not contain any flaws.


Cognition undergoes many challenging design to satisfy the needs of the client. The educational publications delivered by us will be rich in content so that students will show more interest to develop their skills.

The design developed by us grabs the attention of the clients that leads to best-selling educational products. The cost quoted for the design will be optimized and moderate that meets all your requirements and challenges. We also have a high talented, resourcefull and creative designers who deposit their entire skills to fulfil the needs of the clients. This team introduces new methods and designs so that a new and independent variety of design occurs.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!